Community Speedwatch Volunteer Group

3 St Mewan Parish Councillors (volunteers) held the first Community Speedwatch Session on the A3058 in Trewoon yesterday.

The site has been approved by Devon and Cornwall Police outside the old Trewoon Social Club. Community Speedwatch is only allowed to operate from approved sites and during the hours of daylight. Community Speedwatch highlights issues of excessive speed and is also meant to be a deterrent hence the hi viz jackets and warning signs.

Traffic was monitored coming down the hill opposite the shop towards St Austell for an hour from 2-30pm on 16th January 2019.

356 vehicles passed the site towards St Austell, the average speed was 28.7 mph however 3% of the vehicles were doing over 35mph with the highest recorded speed of 39 mph. 12% of the vehicles were monitored at over 30 mph.

Community Speedwatch data is loaded onto Devon and Cornwall Police system and any vehicle doing over 35 mph gets a warning letter on the first occasion, on the second occasion a stronger letter and if monitored 3 times it is likely that a Police Officer will visit the driver.

We would welcome feedback from the community in Trewoon, what time (during daylight hours) is the best time for us to monitor traffic in Trewoon?