Sticker Car Park

Published: 30 August 2020

The Parish Council have been considering how to best manage the car park, and its insurance obligations in Sticker for some time. W are regularly contacted by local residents regarding a number of issues - potholes, signage, lack of capacity, long term parking, abandoned vehicles, people using it as a park and ride to Truro and the poor condition of the garden area. Before Covid 19 stopped public meetings taking place, issues regularly occurred when there were events at both halls in the village and people not being able to find spaces to park in the car park. This community asset was last given a real make over by the local community and volunteers many years ago and we want to make it sustainable for the long term. As such we are holding an initial consultation regarding renewing the “Parking Order” on the car park and are inviting comments from local users and the local community. A "Parking Order" is the first stage of being able to manage and control the car park effectively, without it nothing proactive can happen and nothing will improve. Part of the longer-term plans include the desire to make this community asset more sustainable with fair usage, regular repairs and maintenance, new white lines, signage and rejuvenating the garden area. This process is about protecting and improving a valuable community asset for the future and ensuring that the whole community can utilise it fully. The consultation has already generated a wide range of views and we are delighted that local people are engaged in the process. At the end of this consultation we will assess the feedback and make the necessary amendments to the Parking Order and consult again. Please note that only local comments submitted by Email or Letter to the Parish clerk will be assessed in the feedback. Further details of the Parking Order can be found at a summary on Parish Notice Boards or on request to the Clerk -

Cllr John Kneller Chair of St Mewan Parish Council 29th August 2020