St Mewan Parish Council Community Award Winner for Sticker with Hewas water 2022/2023

Published: 30 March 2023

The last of three St Mewan Parish Community Volunteer Award Winners 2022/23. Polgooth with Trelowth, Sticker with Hewaswater and Trewoon.
A lovely welcoming lunchtime spent meeting with the St Marks Winter Warmer Team in Sticker who have won this year’s St Mewan Parish Community Volunteer Award.
The Team opened the doors to St Marks Church Hall through the winter months and have personally contributed in offering their culinary delights with a selection of 3 homemade soups, bread rolls, beverages, and biscuits all for £2.00!
The purpose of this was in response to the energy crisis, to welcome individuals who may want a friendly chat in a warm and comfortable space through some cold winter months. It was especially rewarding that one lady had learnt some valuable information, just through friendly chat about entitlement to financial support because where she lives is off the Gas Grid. One delighted visitor, well done ladies. Oh, and by the way the James Martin Cream of Cauliflower Soup was at the winning post this week 😊
There was a lot of nominations this year and whilst you may not have scooped the win, St Mewan Parish Council continue to value all individual volunteers and groups who regularly contribute to making their community a better place. So, a big thank you to everyone who does their bit.